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  1. Hi guys, I find your trailer amazing very inspiring and beautiful visuals. congratualtions to all of you...I'm also in the pre-production of a short animated stop motion and I have tons of questions :) first...I realise the money you need are did you raise the money to do it? Or did you fund it yourself? Have you done any previous animation before? Running Festivals would it give some kind of earnings? I mean financial side of it it's very hard and hold our job quite a lot unfortunately. You can see and give us some feedabck on our facebook pagettps://

  2. Hello, thank you!
    We were lucky to make the film in the school were there was a lot of equipment (space, camera, tripod and light) but we also got a little bit of funding, for materials etc. Making the film outside of school is probably much more expensive.
    No you don't make money from festivals. Most of the prizes don't include money, a few does, but traveling also cost money so we do it more because we like to show the film and to meat great people! :)
    Good luck with your film!