Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making armatures part 2!

Most of the puppets are allready done and some are only missing some few stuff, like hair.. 
So some pics here is kinda old but whatever. As earlier written we tried to go for allot of replacement parts and we're both really happy for making that choice because things have broken allready! 

Heres some steps on the replacement process.

 By using a dremel connected to a stand thingy its a higher chance of the drillbit not to break because of an unsteady hand..

Then we pulled wire through and bent it so it stays locked. 

It works quite well but we experienced that the joints sometimes still got a little loose. To fix this we just applied a tiny amount of super glue . It stays in place and if its necessary to remove the joint its no stress.

It didnt take long into the animation before the man had an accident..


The poor man is clearly shocked for breaking his foot. But dont worry manio!


Earlier we had just two wires for one leg. This was not enough because his head became much more heavy than expected.
So after allot of drilling, cutting, twisting, milliput and epoxy glue both versions of the man got new legs.
We increased the wires to 5 per leg, so this is hardcore! The area where it bends is small aswell which is not good for the wires since all the pressure gets forced to one spot. This is something we just gotta live with since we wanted it so small.. :P But if they break we've made it even easier to switch them out! The wire now has two ends with K&S (not fully pictured) one slides into the shoe and the other up on the leg. Hopefully this works :)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Emergency in the basement!!

The other day we had a not so happy surprice in the basement: After spending almost a day on lighting and camera settings we were finally ready to animate the scene (friday evening) when we suddenly discovered a stain of water in the middle of the set! It was waterdrops that came from the ceiling, dripping down on the set. And after a moment it was dropping from two spots in the roof.. We where terrifyed that we have to remove everything and do the lighting all over again, but problemsolvers as we are, we found a meanwhile solution: tape and toiletpaper, sticked on the roof with a broom:

of the waterstain.

Plastic cups to save
the set from water.

Genius solution.

And then we could animate the scene
witout any water dripping from the roof!