Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nature and Train Set!

So this is our expensive train-in-the-nature shot. Many days of work for only 3 seconds! To not waste that much work for only 3 seconds, we figured to use the same set from another angle in another scene. Here is some pictures and text about making the set and the train:

We started by shaping the landscape in foam, and covered it with towels and other textiles:

Then we painted it with acrylic colours:
(photos by Julija)

The small trees is plastic trees coated in wooden glue and spices (oregano, chili and seafood mix, yum yum)
We were originally planning to use greenscreen background, but since the set is green we made another solution: we painted a fabric as a sky and then later lighted it from behind with a yellow/orange ligt (sunrise), since its "real" background it also affected the set and the resloult looks really atmospheric!

 The train was made in wood, the roof of architecture paper, the pipes sculpted from super sculpey and then we coated the train in putty :

We also lighted it with lamos inside and led lights for the front:

 The scene is now animated but will stay unpulished until we release the teaser!

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