Sunday, February 19, 2012

Music Composer: Phil Brookes!

Yeah! We're really happy to have brought Phil Brookes on the team as our music composer for But Milk Is Important!

Eirik, me, have been working with this guy before when I made my shortfilm in Cardiff. He just graduated from Cardiff University of Glamorgan as a Music Composer. A real talent and a pleasure to work with!
He got married last summer with his wife, Leanne Jay Brookes,, in the Norwegian church in Cardiff Bay ;) , been around in the US, but is now back in the UK ready for making some more awesome music!
I got really really satisfied with the music for my last project so I have no doubt that this guy wont deliver.  I can say if it wasnt for Phil the film wouldnt have had the right feel to it, and the crows journey wouldnt be as strong if the music wasnt there.
So lets just hope that we can deliver the footage! We're working hard and its going forward :)

We're really excited to hear what he's been working on lately! :)

You guys should check out his blog and listen to his portfolio! Do it! Do it now!

Portfolio by Mr. Brookes

cheers people, thanks for reading :)

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