Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Floor and Walls for the apartment!

The floor is carved our from planks, painted darker in the cracks and then varnished. And it is made with great help from Julija Scura who is helping out on the project to build sets and props. We ar very thankfull to have her help and would never be this far in the production without her!

 When making the walls, we first we attachd the wallpaper that will be 
visible underneath the normal wallpaper.

 Then glued on normal wallpaper, a lot of glue was sacrificed.

 Then we ripped off small parts to make the wallpaper underneath visible. 
We got help to make the walls from Sirid Garff who is here from The Animation Workshop 
to help out with the project.

 Putting back the puzzle-walls to see the result.

Painting with coffee to make it look older.

 The lightswitch.

 Dying the curtains with tea since they are too white for the camera. - Before and after.
More photos from finished apartmnt comming soon!

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