Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hallway with Postboxes Set finished

Only the plant is missing!
  Making of Stop Motion Sets:

The postboxes was cut out in styrofoam. Black was painted inside th boxs to make it the holes we cut to look deeper. Then the postboxes was painted with acrylic and drybrushed.

Directors in discussion.  

The floor just a thin mdf board that we carved and then painted.


 The miniatur cablels is aluminium wire painted with acrylic.

A small detail is that all the people that helped or is involved in the project have their names on the postboxes. Details on how we made the walls is comming soon!


  1. Wow so much detail, this is amazing! It kinda reminds me of the show 'Cake Boss' except you make animations instead of cakes=B

  2. Thank you! Havnt seen that show but googled it and saw a Transformers cake! Too bad it isnt featured in our film ;P