Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eyes for Stop Motion puppets

We wanted quite realisitic eyes for the puppet. This is the technique we are using, which is easy to do and looks good!
We used wooden beads and sandpapred them flat where the iris is going to be. We used milliput to fill the hole in the beads, and made a smaller hole with a needle.
Then we painted black in the holde and where the iris will be, the rest is painted white.

 We printed a photo of eyes, cut them out and glued them on the bead.

We covered it with some layers of transparent nail polish, and then finally made the hole through the nailplosh. When we are animating we will just put in the needle and move th eye!


  1. How is the eyeball going to stay in place but still be rotatable? (note i have not looked thru the rest of your site yet)

    1. If you look at the chapter 'face replacements' you can see that we made an eye-socket from silicone. That way the eyes will stays in place but will still be rotatable =)
      In cases where we didn't have silicone, we carved out an eye socket from balsa wood, with to wholes for the eyes.

  2. Great idea. So simple yet perfect. I love it.