Sunday, January 15, 2012

Main character armature! With Ball & Sockets! yay!

We're done with the armatures for the main character! We're making two puppets of him so we can both animate at the same time :)

 The ball & socket parts needs to be soldered together.

 Here we're working on the hip section. Soldering k&s with the steel rod. Not so easy to do since the steel takes more time to get hot. Just using epoxy its a higher chance for it to disassemble itself. The hip part needs to be quite strong. Left pic is before and right is after..

 We were supposed to use ball & sockets for the feets but the design is smaller, so we had to go with wire. The feets are replaceable. And to make them not slide out we drilled a hole in both and put a wire thru with same thickness. We usually go with 1,6mm

 Here they are! We havnt made his hands and head yet but its coming :) The arms are allso just wire. Same reason as with the feets, the design is quite thin so ball and socket would be to big..

Allso added balsa wood parts so it will be better to hold when animating. Balsa is really light and easy to cut and it can handle different glue and chemicals better than for example styrofoam.
Theres allso a balsa part in the neck/shoulder area, just didnt have a picture of it now. 

It was really fun to make and will be interesting to animate with!


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