Monday, January 16, 2012

Making of Creatures part 1

While waiting for the wool, here is some text and pictures from the process so far:

The legs are made with ball and sockets since they are so short they needed to be easy animated. The rest of the body is with wire and k&s tubes. The head is made of styrofoam and coated with a layer of wood glue.

 We made a part of the stomache in balsa wood. If the whole puppet was soft we would defom it a bit while bending and animating it, this might look wobbly and not so good. Having the hard head and somache makes us able to bend it without deforming it - and still keping the light wieght.

Then we added foam. The foam is less compact than the wool and the puppet will therefor be more easy to bend.

Now we are waiting for the wool that w ordered... Then there will bemore posting of the felt making!

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