Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Featured at Dragonframe !

You can now read about our production at Dragonframes official website, where the project is now featured! :)

"Delightfully disturbing, this is a studly student piece indeed. The trailer for this short from joint directors Anna Mantzaris and Eirik Bjørnsen, hailing from Volda University College in Norway, proves to be as much a mystery as it is a masterpiece. What is this film about? Is it a warmer and fuzzier Donnie Darko? Is it a crazy cute Kafka story? Is it a psychological mind bender or an ominous nutritional service announcement? The only thing that is certain is that it is beautifully lit, shot and art directed and is a piece of engagingly suspenseful storytelling. We can't wait until this endearingly dark dust bunny comes fully out of the closet."

Read more on Dragonframes website HERE

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