Monday, December 9, 2013

Award + Special Mentions!

More good news! Last weekend the film won 'Best Student Film' at Animated Dreams in Tallin and got a Special Mention at Sommets du cinéma d'animation in Canada!
Thank you to both Jurys!!

And this weekend it got a Special mention at Animateka by Jury member Chris Robinson, with the motivation: But Milk is not just important, it's good for you too.  Thank you Chris!

We attended the festival and we are really happy for that - it was a super good festival, we had a lot of fun and met both new and old friends! Na zdravje!


  1. Hello Anna and Erik. I'm Julián from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm studying film direction (sorry for my english, I'm trying to do my best jaja).
    First of all, congratulations for all the awards and recognition you are winning. I hope you will participate in BAFICI (Buenos Aires Independent film festival) so I can watch your movie. I saw the trailer and loved it.
    So here are my questions:
    - How many days did it take you to shoot the film (I mean only taking the pictures).
    - How many seconds did you shot each day?
    - How did you ligh the different sets?

    Now I'm working in my first stop motion movie, so I'm trying to learn from you.

    Thanks and cograts again.
    Julian (e-mail:

    1. Hello Julián!
      Thank you :)

      - We took about 4 months to shoot the whole film.
      - Hmm its hard to say, I think we put up a goal to shoot 5 seconds each per day. But then we also had to to the changing of sets, rigging and lighting as well, so we were not always only animating the whole day. It depended a lot on the shot and what kind of animation it was, more subtile or more dramatic, and one or many characters.
      - We used dedo lights, and most often we bounced the light on frigolite instead of directing the light directly on the characters (which can look more like spotlight). We also often used blackwrap to make some parts of the set darker. Especially indoors, it looks nice to make the corners darker. Sometimes we used filters. Non colored filters if we just wanted the light to be softer. And sometimes colored filters. For the evening scenes we used blue filter.

      Hope it helps and good luck with your film! =)

    2. Anna!!!
      Thanks so much for answering!! Really :)
      It's nice to talk with so talented directors.

      I'll take your advice, especially about lighting indoors, it sounds good!

      Thanks again, and hope to see your movie soon.
      I've just finished my first documentary and I'm sending it to festivals. So I'm really excited about it. Fortunatelly we'll meet somewhere in the movie industry,

      Good luck and keep on winning prices!!!

    3. No problem! Let us know if there is anything else. And send us a link when you are done with the film! :)

  2. I might say, short films are tougher to make because you need to put everything you want to say or show in a very short time. Congrats for the winning and recognitions.