Monday, February 6, 2012

Sitting Creature Turnaround


  1. Hi there I'd just like to say I love how you've made these puppets. They are so cute and cuddly to look at :) I'm a stop motion animator aswell and I'm currently making a 90 second film and my puppets are made using this technique. Its just great to see other people using this wonderful and unique style of working within stop motion. So when someone told me about your blog I just had to look :) i'll leave you be now but lovely work and keep it up :)

    1. Hey Amy! Thank you :)
      Hehe yes they turned out quite cute but were still a nightmare to work with :p We love to work with materials which you can tell is real. And wool looks so great in the camera!

      Fun to see others enjoing working with this technique. Good luck with your film! :)